Downtown Los Angeles Long Exposure

Sunday evening I got to take Downtown Los Angeles Long Exposure, at an old photo spot that I have been meaning to get to for some time now. The 4th street overpass is one of the more popular photo locations in downtown Los Angeles which overlooks the 110 freeway and has a great view of the downtown skyline. Last time I visited here with a camera was 2007 with my old Canon D400 XTI. Ive been meaning to revisit this place for a long time as I now shoot full frame and considering I traverse that freeway daily for my work it has been long overdue.

Weather on Sunday was perfect, some minor cloud cover made for perfect shooting conditions so I headed out an hour early to get my spot. My luck has been typical of late as it seems as soon as I get to my spot the clouds have all but disappeared (as a Brit I feel a sense of irony in this somewhere), unperturbed by this I set up and spent the hour over the sunset snapping away the same shot for about 20 or 30 frames. The sunset itself and traffic were perfect for this shot, had it not been for lack of cloud this would’ve gone in the portfolio but still, gives me a good reason to head back again soon and try another Downtown Los Angeles Long Exposure.

Shot with Canon 5D | 17-40 F4L | 8x ND

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