Welcome to grahamgilmore.com V2.0

Welcome to grahamgilmore.com V2.0

Welcome to Graham Gilmore Photography V2.0.

Its been a little quiet for me in recent weeks both online and photographically so I have been working on my latest website update, as the (slightly ;)) cold spell continues here in Southern California I have been busy working through my stock of images and compiling what represents me best at this point in time as a photographer, during this process it became obvious that my website wasn’t up to the task of displaying the amount of work I now have to show, over the last couple of weeks I have been working on this and now present to you grahamgilmore.com Version 2.0!

Over the last year I have been using Instagram as a medium for putting my work out there, I have a great following and have made some good ‘Insta-friends’ with the app, while using this network it has forced me to go back over what I have  in my collection and even re-edit some of them with my current skill set. This has brought to light a number of images that I didn’t realize where up to the mark, or I may have missed in previous shoots after extracting what I thought at the time where the best of the bunch.

The new year has also had me to look at what I do as a photographer and add other areas which are core to the business and are exciting to explore. Over the last year I have been doing more portrait/headshot work and also some live venue shooting and will be adding a gallery on this very soon. In 2013 I aim to be out shooting more portrait and headshot work but also more live band/venue shooting, the latter has proved an interesting challenge and experience and one I aim to build on as we head into a new year.

I have also made it easier to source my images of purchase, you can click on the STORE link above to have my work sent to you wherever you are in the world. I also offer other limited mediums for displaying my images such as canvas and the rather awesome plexiglass printing. My images are also available for licensing, please use the contact page should you require more information or special orders.

So, welcome to my new website, I would like to thank everyone for their support over the last year, and look forward to talking and working with some of you in 2013, don’t forget, if you like what you see please share my stuff on facebook/twitter/pinterest/redbubble etc, theres lots of options for this now on the new website update.

Graham Gilmore photography – Jan 2013

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