These are my blog posts including Travel Photography. From England, Iceland and the United States all the way down to Easter Island in the South Pacific.

With Travel Photography I often find myself alone, in remote areas, witnessing things that most don’t get to see. I strive to capture the moment that unmistakably expresses the emotions I felt in that fleeting instant of time and space. Just for a minute, I want people to be removed from their daily lives through my photographs, and connect with me as I share the beauty of our stunning planet as we continue our journey around the sun and, in turn our galaxy and then on through the cosmos.

Englands South Coast

In October 2016 My son and I took a photo trip around Englands south coast. We started from Nottingham and drove down to Bournemouth where we spent a couple of days visiting tourist sites, moved onto Beachy Head, Bodiam and other locations south of London before heading up to Norwich for a couple of days and then heading back to Nottingham. It was a great trip, the weather surprisingly held out with only one full day of rain in our 10 day trip, needless to say we got very lucky for October/November time. Below is a few shots from Englands South Coast.. enjoy! 


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