Exhibition Follow Up

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all that attended my exhibition this past weekend and an even bigger thank you to the kind people who purchased my photography. The evening went really well with a great turnout, couldn’t have asked for more. My photo donation raised $200 for the freearts.org charity here abused children here in Los Angeles. A final big thank you to Anthony and Karen for putting on the show, and a very big thank you to all my friends who came, Gus Summers for the interview, and Studiovox for doing a blog piece on me, your support is gratefully appreciated. If anyone is looking for some artwork to fill a space in their establishment, please get in touch, my artwork is on the wall until October 31st in which time I am looking for my next venue. If you’re free and in West Hollywood any time between now and end of October feel free to take a look, The Collective Realty, 8278 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, California.


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