Victoria Beach Tower

Just this past weekend I finally got to visit Victoria Beach Tower near Laguna Beach. I had been procrastinating on this location for a couple of years now and never seemed to get down there, weather, commitments and traffic have always seemed to get in the way, coupled with the 150 mile round trip for one shot, if I went down there..  The conditions had to be right. (more…)

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Welcome to V2.0

Welcome to Graham Gilmore Photography V2.0.

Its been a little quiet for me in recent weeks both online and photographically so I have been working on my latest website update, as the (slightly ;)) cold spell continues here in Southern California I have been busy working through my stock of images and compiling what represents me best at this point in time as a photographer, during this process it became obvious that my website wasn’t up to the task of displaying the amount of work I now have to show, over the last couple of weeks I have been working on this and now present to you Version 2.0!


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